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Seven smart reasons why to sail with us

Price of service

For this level of service our prices are more than twice as low as the competition.

We guarantee wind and sailing

It can always happen that you have booked sailing and that there is no wind in those days. And you are on a yacht that is made to enjoy the wind and sailing.

Nothing for that. If this happens you can get completely free sailing out of season when you usually are winds and enjoy the wind.

We will not charge you for yachts and skippers. Watch the video gallery how it looks sail on the Adriatic during winter.

Night sailing has a special dimension

We also organize night sailing. Night sailing has a special dimension. This is something quite different from daily sailing.

I have not heard of others offering such a service. If weather conditions are right we might go for a light night sailing with a gennaker, while guests are enjoying dinner on the deck.

A Package with such an offer is not made for money, in fact there is no such offer anywhere, it can only be done by people who love what they do.

Unique deck design

Bogey 1 is also a special boat in that the deck was built in such a way that the space with the sailing equipment is completely separated from the space with the table, i.e. around the deck lounge there are no rope nor winches, so it is possible for someone to just enjoy sailing without participation in maneuvers without bother anyone or being bothered in enjoyment.

You will not find any other yacht of this size that has such a designed deck.

Powerful yacht

Bogey 1 is not just a big yacht. The length is over 19 meters and the width is 5.2 meters. The yacht is scared with the generator and desalinizer. That means we have great autonomy. We do not depend on docks and we can arrange such sailing routes that other yachts are unavailable.

As a rule this means that 3-4 days sailing with us are more than 7 days sailing on ordinary charter yachts.

Private cruise

We’re not part of a convoy. Yachts sailing in organized convoys must be kept in the correct navigational order.

This means that they are usually at the destination on the mooring no later than 5 pm. And then the best time for sailing.

Sailing in the convoy, you will miss the most beautiful part of sailing.

We can also anchor to the smallest bays where it is impossible to accommodate the fleet of sailing boats.

Video memories

We have the equipment and for our guests, we create video memories that they can later show to their friends.

We even approve a discount for guests who agree to make them a video for a memories.

We believe that if our guests will show this video to their friends, more people will hear about us and our project sailing around the world. So we try to make videos for our guests as interesting as possible.

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