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Contact us with confidence. We will try to find the best discount for you.

Discounts apply only to yacht chartering. APA (Advance provisioning allowance) and other third party services are not included in the discount.

Discount type Description
Early booking discount 25% discount for booking 6 months prior to the start of sailing
Last minute discount 15% discount for booking 14 days before sailing
Discount for long charter sailing for longer than 7 days we approve a 20% discount on the total price
Discount for returning guests returning to sail on our yachts receive a 10% discount
Discount for new cruise routes there are some routes we specially promote and give them special discounts
Discount for a video gift 5% discount if we make you a short video of your vacation
Special offer

Discount for a video gift

You get a discount, and we make and give you a video.

You can see a few examples of sailing videos we’ve made.

We have two options. Video with edited music and video with sounds of sailing.

We have a specially focused microphone with which it is possible to record well the sailing sounds.

There is an opportunity for you to say or to sing and to hear the sea and the waves in the background.

It is our interest to make as good a video as possible. We hope that you will show it to your friends who will then find out about us and our project described in blog: “Go Around the World by Returning to the Old Place”

So we give you a discount and give you a video. Many of our guests accepted this agreement and shared the video to their friends over social networks.

Skipper's Logbook
Bogey 1, sailing 9 knots, with 9 girls from Holland 8.-11.6.2018.
Skipper's Logbook
Super Summer Storm Sailing
Sounds of Sailing (boost the sound on your computer or mobile)
Skipper's Logbook
La Mer, Mediterranean Sailing

Skipper's Logbook

Fish Soup With Secret Ingredient
Mustasche Night Sailing
Sounds of Sailing (boost the sound on your computer or mobile)
"5,4,3,2,1, tack!"
Traditional song: "Oh maple tree!"
Sounds of Sailing (boost the sound on your computer or mobile)
let's dream
Yoga Retreat

Skipper's Logbook

The Split Gates (18th June 2016) Bogey 1
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