9 months, from autumn 2021 to the end of spring 2022

MAR Mediterranean-Americas Race

This trip will be chosen by business people who have adapted to working from home, teleworking, who have so much power that by doing everyday chores, by choosing the location from which to do the work they gain admiration and respect for the environment and their business partners.

With this choice, they will succeed in things that many only dream about, strengthen their health and immunity, learn a lot and see new places.

The voyage begins in the autumn in the Mediterranean and crosses the western Mediterranean to the Atlantic. You will participate in the traditional Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) race across the Atlantic. Winter is spent in the warm Caribbean Sea, and then with spring we return to the Mediterranean.

MAR Mediteran Atlantik Ruta
A minimum of 12,000 nautical miles

Navigation organization

The route is designed for three passengers (3 individuals or 3 couples), who have three cabins and three crew members at their disposal.

Satellite internet access is available to guests and crew throughout the route.

28 days

Dubrovnik - Alicante

A route that would sail in early autumn, the second part of September – the first part of October, in preparation for going out to the Atlantic.

Western Mediterranean.

Pleasant sailing, one day a week rest. Five days a week until 6 hours of sailing. One day a week night sailing.

14 days

Alicante - Canary Islands

The second part of October

28 days

Canary Islands - Caribbean

Ocean crossing under ARC 2021, November


27 October Rally office opens in Las Palmas
31 October Last date for arrivals in Las Palmas
7 Nov Start of Gran Canaria – Sao Vicente leg (865nm)
12:45 – Multihull start / 13:00 Monohull start
12-14 Nov Arrival in Mindelo, Sao Vicente (Marina Mindelo)
18 Nov Restart from Cape Verde
31 Nov-7 Dec Arrival in Saint Lucia (Rodney Bay Marina) and St. Vincent (Blue Lagoon)
8 Dec Prize giving in Saint Lucia
9 Dec Prize giving in St. Vincent

2 - 3 x 28 days

The Caribbean - Florida - Carolina

December 2021, January 2022, February 2022.

28 days

Carolina yacht service

In March 2022, the yacht should be taken out to dry dock on which regular service would be done.


28 days

Carolina - Alicante

April 2022, return to the Mediterranean by early May.

12,000 nautical miles - more than half the planet's circumference

MAR Mediterranean-Americas Race

Such navigation at this time of year could become a tradition and continue after the end of the pandemic.

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