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To gain health, safety and respect.
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Three weeks of sailing on a private luxury yacht with two crew members is the best thing you can do for the health and immunity of your family.

Sailing on a private yacht with a permanent crew

100% Covid-19 Safe, NO Lockdown, Safe Travels

Sailing Yacht,100% Covid-19 Safe, NO Lockdown, Safe Travels
Good and long life

Health rehabilitation

A thousand islands on the east coast of the Adriatic, on a journey for the benefit of your loved ones. For your good and long life, rest and complete rehabilitation

Sailing on a yacht between thousands of very sparsely populated islands is one of the safest ways to spend your vacation.

Fresh air, favorable climate, a lot of sun, a natural source of vitamin D, a healthy diet, a lot of quality sleep, natural cosmetics for body care, rest and adventure.

From the airport to the safety of the yacht

One-way route, from Pula to Dubrovnik

21 days Pula Dubrovnik sailing route SAFE Travels

This is a private all inclusive trip on the luxury yacht Bogey 1 with two crew members.

Each voyage is planned separately with the guests, and is adjusted according to the wishes of the guest.


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Bogey 1 Yacht Split

Bogey 1, a story of an extraordinary Yacht

Bogey 1 yacht is a luxury super yacht. Bogey 1 yacht is an artistic heritage. Whether we are on deck or below deck we have the impression of a timeless uncluttered design. Bogey 1 I will start a story of an extraordinary Yacht, Bogey 1, with a story about a car. A car of dreams,...
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Bogey 1 Yacht Split

Bogey 1 is a luxury sport sailing yacht that actively participates in regattas

Sailing is fun, but sailing is also a sport and it is a special feeling when you are sailing on a yacht that is more powerful than other yachts in your local waters. Bogey 1 is a luxury sport sailing yacht that actively participates in regattas. How fast Bogey is best evidenced by the results...
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Bogey 1 Yacht with crew

Yacht with a permanent crew, skipper and hostess

Yacht with crew, skipper and hostess Don’t waste your time, Yacht with crew, skipper and hostess, Avoid the risks of losing thousands of euros of deposit Avoid unnecessary waiting and losing time Instead, sail and enjoy more Avoid the risk of deposit of 2,500 € to 5,000 € When chartering yachts, a deposit is required...
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Bogey 1 Gallery

Luxury Performance Sailing Yacht

Bogey 1 Video Gallery

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