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This sailing yacht is as remarkable for her performance as for her elegance and comfort.

All meals can be served on the yacht.
Groceries of your choice are waiting for you, and you can set sail as soon as you arrive.
Your sailing and enjoyment at sea will really last 7 days, without wasting time on purchases, check-in, waiting in line at the gas station and returning the day before as with other charters.
Because the yacht has a permanent crew and great autonomy..

A voyage on a Bogey 1 yacht will be chosen by families or couples of friends who can succeed in something that others fail.
If you choose the Bogey 1 yacht for your vacation, you will surely earn the respect of your friends after returning from vacation, because you have managed to discover something that rarely anyone can.
This is a place for those who want a healthy and long life, delicious and quality food, enough sleep and well-being to their own children or friends.

Spend your vacation and gain immunity in the safety of a unique yacht.
The Bogey 1 is a unique yacht that provides much more safety in these uncertain times than other yachts. The reason for this is the different design of the yacht and the well-established work of the permanent crew.

The yacht is unique for several reasons:
Only the Bogey 1 has a two-part deck. Guests on deck can be completely separated from the crew because the part of the deck where the table is located is separate from the part of the deck where the rudders and winches are located.
Also, guests have two exits to the deck.
Each cabin has its own toilet and bathroom.
The crew has its own cabin, with toilet and bathroom and the corridor is separated from the rest of the yacht. Also, the kitchen is a separate room, and not like other yachts is an integral part of the salon.

The crew on the yacht can prepare all meals and the crew performs and organizes the procurement of groceries so that guests do not have to be exposed to the risk of infection in the local community.

In addition to the crew having a separate area, the crew is healthy, vaccinated and tested.

It is very important, the yacht has great autonomy, because it has a generator and a desalinator. Which means the yacht doesn’t have to dock in ports and marinas at berth.

In the event that you cannot come to the planned vacation due to the pandemic, we will make a 100% refund of the advance paid or, in agreement with you, we will move your sailing to another date.

Relax because sailing on Bogey 1 is a safe and good way to spend your vacation and gain immunity because you have plenty of sun and fresh air.

Sailing is fun, but sailing is also a sport and it is a special feeling when you are sailing on a yacht that is more powerful than other yachts in your local waters.

We often use the big sails for sailing downwind, gennaker and spinnaker, which others rarely do.

We also organize night sailing.

Night sailing has a special dimension. This is something quite different from daily sailing. I have not heard of others offering such a service.

If weather conditions are right we might go for a light night sailing with a gennaker, while guests are enjoying dinner on the deck.

A Package with such an offer is not made for money, in fact there is no such offer anywhere, it can only be done by people who love what they do.

It is often a result of positive energy that is created on a yacht, friendship and inspiration and openness to other adventures that await us in life.

Interior plan

Three guest cabins, and each cabin with its own toilet and bathroom. The crew has a separate cabin with toilet and bathroom.

Sailing routes

You can choose one-way routes lasting 7 to 28 days. Or three-day circular routes.

Please click on the link to view the sailing routes.

Technical details

Length  18,95m
Beam  5,20m
Draught  2,60m
Displacement  26T
Berths for guests 7
Berths for crew 2
Cabins for guests 3
WC/Showers for guests 3
Cabins for crew 1
WC/Showers for Crew 1
Fuel Capacity 600L
Water Capacity 800L

Sails are made of tri-radial cuts from laminate with pentex fiber

Main sail full batten 90m2
Genoa 120m2
Gennaker 250m2
Spinnaker 250m2

Teak to deck and cockpit

Generator 8kw Mastervolt whisper
Inverter Mastervolt
Electric Lewmar windless
Shore power connection

Ice maker
Reversed cycle air condition throughout the yact
Bumer gas stove with oven

Wi Fi:
Flat rate

Other equipment:
Double cockpit construction
Hot and cold pressurised throughout
Anchor with 129m of chain
GRP hull, deck and superstructure
Hydraulic opening bathing platform

2 members

7 days
Per day
7 days Cabin charter
01.01. – 03.04. 03.04. – 22.05. 22.05. – 19.06. 19.06. – 11.09. 11.09. – 02.10. 02.10. – 30.10. 30.10. – 31.12.
3970 € 5970 € 7530 € 9790 € 7530 € 5970 € 3970 €
2640 € 4220 € 5220 € 6840 € 5220 € 4220 € 2640 €
-33,5% -29,3% -30,7% -30,1% -30,7% -29,3% -33,5%

Special prices with time-limited discount
Skiper included in price
Yacht Base Trogir, Split, Hvar, Korčula, Vis, Dubrovnik


APA (Advance provisioning allowance) in addition to the charter fee for covering requested supplies cost, port. mooring charges, diesel, beverages, groceries etc.

The captain will let the guests know in advance about the expense and together with the guests prepare a cost plan.

Captain will keep an accurate record of spending and at the end of the charter client will be refunded or asked to pay the difference if additional operating costs are incurred.

For more information please CLICK HERE

01.01. – 03.04. 03.04. – 22.05. 22.05. – 19.06. 19.06. – 11.09. 11.09. – 02.10. 02.10. – 30.10. 30.10. – 31.12.
775 € 1150 € 1390 € 1970 € 1390 € 1150 € 775 €
540 € 840 € 980 € 1240 € 980 € 840 € 540 €
-30,3% -27,0% -29,5% -37,1% -29,5% -27,0% -30,3%

Special prices with time-limited discount
Yacht base Trogir, Split, Dubrovnik, Vis, Hvar, Korčula, Croatia
Skiper included in price

Aft Cabin (2-3 guests)

20.04. – 25.05. 25.05. – 22.06. 22.06. – 07.09. 07.09. – 21.09. 21.09. – 05.10.
2.840,00 € 3.460,00 € 4.420,00 € 3.460,00 € 2.840,00 €


Fore cabins (2 guests)

20.04. – 25.05. 25.05. – 22.06. 22.06. – 07.09. 07.09. – 21.09. 21.09. – 05.10.
2.440,00 € 2.840,00 € 3.620,00 € 2.840,00 € 2.440,00 €


The price includes a one-way route Split – Dubrovnik

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Traditional dishes

We prepare homemade traditional dishes from fresh organic foods.

Frankly, our dishes do not look like art installations. But they are delicious. We have many compliments and all the guests are very satisfying. These are real photos of dishes prepared for guests, with no effects and photo tricks.

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Testimonial: Bogey is the most beautiful boat we've ever sailed on...

We’ve been sailing for ten years together all over the Mediterranean. Bogey is the most beautiful boat we’ve ever sailed on..
We started sailing as friends from work more than ten years ago. In the meantime, we all left the company we were working for, but we continued sailing together.
We’ve been through all the sailing destinations in the Mediterranean.
Besides being the most beautiful yacht we’ve ever been on, Bogey is specific because of the fact that the yacht owner was also our skipper.
He has the habit of inviting guests who like sailing, to go sailing on the regattas outside the season. I have accepted the invitation three times. Regattas on Bogey are a great way of hanging out.

Bruno Juraj
Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made


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