Sailing Yacht Bogey 1

Bogey 1 is a luxury sport sailing yacht that actively participates in regattas. How fast Bogey is best evidenced by the results of the races. On the most challenging Adriatic navigation regatta Jabuka, only specialized racing boats that have no possibility of accommodating guests were faster than Bogey 1.

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Sailing is fun, but sailing is also a sport and it is a special feeling when you are sailing on a yacht that is more powerful than other yachts in your local waters.



Bogey 1 is also a special boat in that the deck was built in such a way that the space with the sailing equipment is completely separated from the space with the table, i.e. around the deck lounge there are no rope nor winches, so it is possible for someone to just enjoy sailing without participation in maneuvers without bother anyone or being bothered in enjoyment.

We often use the big sails for sailing downwind, gennaker and spinnaker, which others rarely do. We also organize night sailing. Night sailing has a special dimension. This is something quite different from daily sailing. I have not heard of others offering such a service. If weather conditions are right we might go for a light night sailing with a gennaker, while guests are enjoying dinner on the deck.

Package with such an offer is not made for money, in fact there is no such offer anywhere, it can only be done by people who love what they do.

Find out which Dalmatian coastline sailing route is ideal for you!

It is often a result of positive energy that is created on a yacht, friendship and inspiration and openness to other adventures that await us in life.

Yacht Bogey 1 is a sport, luxury and artistic heritage at the same time. Architect of the yacht is the world’s greatest miracle worker of great sporting sailing boats, New Zealander Bruce Farr, whose yachts have won the most trophies in the race around the world, the Volvo Ocean Race, while the design is a masterpiece study by Pinninfarina. Interior of the yacht has two colors of two kinds of wood, mahogany and Finnish birch which gives the yacht a warm and bright atmosphere.

All this is further supplemented with bedding, carpets, utensils and paintings which together form a conceptual art installation.

Cruising on a luxury yacht Bogey 1, besides being a combination of sports, entertainment and art, is guided by imagination and a love of sailing, and is a serious project that needs to meet all its obligations towards guests and other partners on time.

Bogey 1 has two crew members who together without problems solve all the challenges encountered during the voyage.

Tihana is a bright, beautiful, interesting woman, whose skills and knowledge form the practical dimension of the project, and without whose contribution the project would hardly by sustainable.

Mislav is a lover of sailing and the arts, and he is great around the kitchen.